Sunday, September 03, 2006

New project: baby blankie

Yesterday, I went to the Rowan shop with my knitting buddies, S and T, to pick out a pattern and yarn for T's baby due in December. We are all going to knit together a colorful blankie made of 7x7=49 squares. We will each knit 2 strips of 7 squares, and think about what to do next when we get there. (Quite a brilliant plan, considering all the education we have between the three of us.)

Because we decided to substitute a different yarn, the knitting sensei at the shop and S figured out the math. We are to cast on 25 stitches instead of 30. (I forgot I used to be in investment banking. I can't do knitting math.) The Rowan Handknit Cotton DK feels really nice. It's the same yarn that I used for the dinosaurs, but the colors are so vibrant that it seems different. I finished my first strip today!

This morning, I baked a coffee cake from Tania's book. I followed her recipe exactly as in the book, and it came out so light and fluffy. Cutie loved the cinnamon topping, and Hubbo liked how it's not too sweet.

Cutie starts Kindergarten tomorrow!


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