Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dishcloth in light blue and gray

I finished another dishcloth today.

This one is for my MIL, since DS requested I make one for her.

It matches her kitchen which is in a smoky blue.

I think those of you addicted to knitting these things will probably notice that something is missing.

I changed colors from blue to gray a row too early the first time.

I realized what I had done wrong when I changed colors the second time, but I am not a Type A knitter, and decided not to rip it and repeated my mistakes all the way through.

They still look OK, don't they?

Here it is wrapped up all nice and pretty!

The blue yarn is a cotton/linen blend, and the light gray is cotton 100%.

I used Clover Takumi bamboo size 6 needles.


Anonymous j. in Nagasaki said...

hello tokyo knitter. I am in Nagasaki and just love love love this Mason Dixon Knitting.

I am on MIJ and I wonder if you are too???? Is it possible that we "know" each other?????

j. in Nagasaki

8:20 PM  
Blogger Tokyo Knitter said...

hello j. in nagasaki! good to know there are others in the KAL in japan! i have no idea what MIJ stands for, so my guess is I'm not on it, whatever it is....

1:23 AM  
Anonymous j. in nagasaki said...

hello tokyo knitter.

funny. I got 2 knitting books recently from Amazon and coincidentally they are Mason-Dixon (I love their blog!!!!) and Yarn Harlot. Next in my shopping cart I have a buddhist/meditation knitting book.

MIJ is Married in Japan, a yahoo group for foreign women living in Japan married to Japanese..... I`m not Japanese and my husband is....

I love love love your watermelon hat!!!!

J. in Nagasaki

9:30 AM  
Blogger Tokyo Knitter said...

Hi, j. in nagasaki!
Ooooh, that's what MIJ stands for! Is it a fun group? I will try to check it out later, thanks for the info! I've bought the Mason-Dixon and the Yarn Harlot and 2 other knitting books in the past 2 months, joined 2 knit-a-longs, and am totally addicted to several knitting blogs. I am amazed how hooked I am!

4:57 PM  

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