Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's a girl! (and Giacosa makes a mean Dolcetto)

The recipient of the Rowan baby blankie was born this morning! Both T and the baby are doing well.
I decided to celebrate by opening a great bottle of Dolcetto D'Alba that I was able to procure via H, who has a friend in the wine business.
The first thing I noticed was the sweet, fruity, wonderful aromas. But it's actually a very dry wine with not alot of residual sugar at all. I guess the dolce part of the Dolcetto is about the grape, not the wine!
The color is a beautiful, enticing, clear violet ruby-reddish purple. It has a lemony acidity to it that is very refreshing, since it's very well balanced. I just had a glass with some crusty bread and cheese, but I think it's a great wine to pair with any kind of a hearty meal like steak and potatoes. I love red wines that are light but not watery, shows off the characteristic of the grape, but not too heavy (or expensive!), kind of like a very good Beaujolais Cru. I think this is my first Dolcetto, and I like this varietal enough to try some others.


Blogger knitalittle said...

Glad to hear about the baby girl. Couldn't think of a better wine to wet the babys head. Cheers I love a good Dolcetto.

5:24 AM  

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