Monday, October 16, 2006

One Skein Clutches

I decided to give felting a try. These are The Clutch You' ll Never Give Up from One Skein by Leigh Radford.
I used Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky Chocolate Souffle, Limeade and Victorian Pink, which my friend C brought back for me from the States. I used 2 strands of yarn instead of 1, with Takumi Clover Bamboo size 12 circular needles.
The first 2 photos were taken before my first learning experience with felting. I even added about 3 liters of boiling hot water to the washing machine, but it didn't really felt. Just got a little fuzzy is all. I was really disappointed, since I expected them to come out looking like this. So, I put the wet bags in a plastic bag with some dishwashing soap, and rubbed while watching TV in the middle of the night for about an hour or so each until about 2am. Directly rubbing it did make it felt a lot more than the washing machine. After rinsing out all the soap water and drying them out on a towel, this is where I am now, with the last photo. The knitted stitches are still very clearly visible. Next time, I will use more hot water and more soap, and more jeans for more agitation.

Meanwhile, my little cutie was very sweet and said the bags still look cute, even if they aren't felted the way Mommy intended them to be.
They are for G & L, 2 little daughters of our friends who will be moving to Tokyo soon. What should I fill the welcome-to-Tokyo bags with? Perhaps some Hello Kitty things? Or traditional Japanese origami? I will have fun planning and shopping until January!


Anonymous jan in nagasaki said...

wow!!! what a coincidence.... I`m making a cowboy hat now, double yarn, wool ... that I plan on felting... first I`m going to run it through the washer with water after the ofuro (so it`s hot) and if that doesn`t work... I have a bowl with a wash board built in inside..(from the 100 en store) I`ll take a bath (last) and then get the hat wet and work it on the wash board.... I` ve heard that ivory soap works well but I`ll use japanese.....I can work it and stretch it and shape it and stuff while I`m in there (alone) after my bath. It`s my first experiment with felting and I`m so excited!!!!
the pattern is from FOLK HATS...
good luck with your bag..... I read that some shoes in the washer help to beat up the felt....

7:49 PM  
Anonymous jan in nagasaki said...

forgot to say that I took some of the yarn and balled it up and got it wet and mushed it all up to see if it would felt in the first place..... did you try that?????

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just made the same clutch using Lamb's pride bulky and the felting happened fast. It only took 15 minutes of agitation in the washing machine for me. What worked for me was dishing washing soap, 2 pairs of jeans and I place the clutch in a pillowcase. Good luck.

5:28 PM  

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