Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Julia Roberts to star in a knitting movie

This piece of news caught my eye today on Yahoo!:

Julia Roberts Busy on Friday Night
by Natalie Finn Thu Nov 2, 12:27 PM ET
Los Angeles (E! Online) - Since she helped make knitting chic again, it's only fair that
Julia Roberts gets the chance to spin a good yarn. The Oscar winner, who incidentally was one of the first celebs spied knitting between takes before it became "the latest thing," has signed on to star in The Friday Night Knitting Club, Daily Variety reported Thursday. Roberts' Red Om production company will also share producing duties on the Universal drama, based on an upcoming novel by Kate Jacobs about a single mom who runs a Manhattan knitting shop where the regulars gather once a week, Steel Magnolias-style, to chat about life and work on their latest projects. Building an indomitable support system in the process, we assume. While Roberts has taken time off from the joys of motherhood to lend her voice to The Ant Bully and present pal George Clooney with the American Cinematheque Award last month, Phinnaeus and Hazel's mom has been largely absent from theaters since Ocean's Twelve. Pretty Woman fans will be happy to hear then that The Friday Night Knitting Club is just one of three projects in the works for Roberts. She's currently in Morocco shooting the political drama Charlie Wilson's War, costarring Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman, and was recently tapped to star in the film version of the memoir Eat, Pray, Love, which Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy will adapt for the big screen. But first, another Roberts teaser: Charlotte's Web, with the actress voicing the sage title character, hits theaters Dec. 20.

I’m not particularly a huge Julia Roberts fan, but I have seen and like most of her movies, and it seems like it will be a fun, Ya-Ya Sisterhood kind of a chic flick set in Manhattan, with lots of knitting! Sounds like a must-see movie for moi. So I went to amazon, but the book won’t be out until January 18th. It would be great if this movie is a big hit, and more people take up knitting!

I have also been eyeing the book Eat, Pray, Love since this spring, but I am so behind on my reading list that I don’t think I will ever catch up! I am almost done with Julie and Julia, a book I borrowed from my friend S. But first, I will be spending some sleepless nights catching up on Season 2 DVDs of LOST that I just borrowed!


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