Sunday, June 18, 2006

In the news

It seems there was an article about the Knitting World Cup in the Houston Chronicle!
Although I am not named in it or anything, I feel like I was, since it does mention Japanese bloggers. :)

While browing knit blogs, I stumbled upon this, and when I showed it to my little man, of course his eyes lit up, and so I have started on Mr. Stegs with the pattern from Xtreme Knitting.
The green yarn called for in the pattern is exactly the same yarn from the watermelon hat, so I didn't even bother to make a swatch, and I am almost done with the body.
The knitting looks easy, but I think I will hate sewing everything together...

MIL was very pleased with the dishcloth.
I hope she uses it, because she kept saying it was mottainai.


Anonymous jan in Nagasaki said...

hello again tokyo knitter. did you see that jacket on mason dixon today??? it is so cool!!! and looks so "kimono" like. I wonder if it`s a SUPER challenge or a minimal challenge to make. I would love a jacket like that!!! WHat do you think????

6:20 PM  
Blogger Tokyo Knitter said...

hello jan in nagasaki! yes, i did see that jacket! it doesn't look that difficult, but a REAL pain to sew all the squares together! unless the whole thing is knitted from the bottom up, which i have no idea... if that's the case, i guess you really need to figure out the pattern before you start knitting. have you made anything from the MDK book? would love to see a post with your FO!

8:07 PM  
Anonymous jan in Nagasaki said...

alas, but I have no digital camera and no way to scan pictures. I am also a quilter and wanted to share pictures of my latest quilt, I had to take pictures, develop them, make copies and mail them out.

The pattern for the jacket seems to be about $20.00. I looked around a bit. I would imagine that the yarn would cost a pretty penny, too. I read a comment that it is knitting 3 different sized squares but knitting them together as you go on 3 mm needles. Very little seam work, it seems.

I myself have knit DOZENS of hats. I make dozens of little stockings that I mail out each december (send me your address!!!) and lately I`m knitting mojo bags with embroidery floss. My sister turned me on to dish rags and I found lots of patterns on the internet. Actually, the books (masondixon and yarn harlot) are waiting patiently at my mother`s house for me to see and pick up when I visit (the states) in July. I have odered several others and have forgotten exactly what is there.

I have started 3 sweaters in my life and have not finished one.

I made about 10 bath mats years ago on huge needles using t-shirts I had cut into strips. I see that mason dixon does that too!!!!!!

8:32 PM  
Blogger Tokyo Knitter said...

jan in nagasaki,
$20 for a pattern seems a bit much! i am sure you will LOVE the mason dixon book as well as the yarn harlot. have a safe trip to the u.s. and enjoy your vacation!

7:45 PM  

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