Friday, June 23, 2006

Pommard Les Rugiens Domaine de Montille 1998

I enjoyed a quiet wine and cheese dinner last weekend all by myself.
I chose this only because it was the only Burgundy bottle in our house.
(Hubby likes Bordeaux wines.)
I don't remember much in detail about this wine except that it was very good, since I was watching Pride & Prejudice while drinking.
Oh well.

So much for my first wine post.
I had lots to nibble with this great wine: prosciutto, olives, a big slice of Brie, artichokes, and cranberry/hazelnut bread.
Keira Knightley was beautiful, as was the cinematography, and Donald
Sutherland was good, but I thought they need to try harder in finding better looking guys to play Darcy and Bingley.


Anonymous your sista said...

yeah. someone with full set of hair should have been casted Mr. Darcy.

10:21 PM  
Blogger Marji said...

oh see, I loved the casting. love your wine and appetizer plate too.
welcome to SKC

10:46 PM  

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