Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bread Baking class #2: dinner rolls

I baked 6 of these in my second class. The kneading went well. They tasted very good, but I rolled them too tight, and some of them cracked a little bit. So, I learned that it's important to roll them up very loosely, and not to brush on too much eggwash, or it will drip down and you end up with baked egg pieces.

At home, I made this. We Japanese LOVE purin. Otherwise known as custard pudding, creme caramel, caramel custard, or flan. I tried the Gatten recipe. It is one of Cutie's favorite shows on NHK. Because I used a caramel tablet before pouring in the egg mixture, when I flipped it out on a plate it came out like this. It looks like the moon! But the recipe is great since all I did was put in a dishtowel then my metal otoshibuta in my biggest Le Creuset, put in the purin covered with aluminum foil, and fill it up with boiling hot water so that it goes up halfway of the height of the ramekin. Heat it on high for 5-6 minutes, then turn off the heat, close the lid, and wait 25 minutes. It came out very nice and silky smooth.


Blogger String Bean said...

I have made creme caramel and I love it. It's surprisingly easy to make. Where did you get the caramel candies for the bottom?

3:52 AM  

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